Vericoin party on monday

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New york bitcoin center nyc, the citys only brick-and-mortar institution dedicated to the further adoption of bitcoin, announced today that it will host the first ever vericoin party on monday, july 28th.

Vericoin party on monday

Starting at 7pm, monday evening, people from all over came to the bitcoin center for a night of good-ole crytpo fun.

Vericoin party at the bitcoin center nyc major success.

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The two specialized chains embody two specific technologies that when coupled, will exponentially enhance the best of both technologies.

Party on monday - hosted every monday at the supperclub with the best female friendly r&b and the latest afro house beats.

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On monday, july 28, the bitcoin center of new york city hosted the first ever vericoin party.

This model means, instead of mining, you earn interest on the coins in your wallet.

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