Ver claims segwit

Tone vays claims vehemently that segwit will (instantly) fix all scaling problems. While it is clear roger ver sees a lot of merit in bitcoin unlimited, calling it production ready seems a bit of stretch.

Roger ver claims segwit transactions are unfairly cheap.

Com indicated that he has continued to see segwit as a danger to bitcoin, and would consider following nchains lead in attempting to block its implementation. It is unclear what roger ver hopes to achieve by making such statements.

Ver claims segwit

However, roger ver has seemingly gone off the deep end as far as these discussions are concerned. He has gone off the deep end in recent months, by the look of things.

Coinsutra welcomes you to another bitcoin hard fork mess! We have seen a fair share of strange statements in the cryptocurrency world lately.

In this clip from the original bitcoin debate between tone vays and roger ver, tone claims vehemently that segwit will instantly fix all scaling problems. The fact that bitcoin businesses, exchanges, wallets are ready for segwit activation doesnt mean they support it, haipo yang, ceo of viabtc, said.

Nchain the company of craig wright, who has made clear his intention to block segwit and claims nchain will be able to generate a significant amount of hashpower. Com and viabtc claim bitcoin businesses dont support segregated witness in the view of bitcoin.

E bitcoin cash), we witnessed the ebbs and flows of being a bitcoin investor. Fiat money will soon.

Will waves surge upon. Com and viabtc, support for segwit has been overstated, as there is a difference between technically implementing a proposal and actively supporting it.

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