Bitcoin for tuition payments

Bitcoin has been used to buy homes, and countries like venezuela and vietnam are beginning to truly embrace the currency.

Two ny preschools now accepting bitcoin for tuition.

In november last year, the private university of nicosia in cyprus became the first institution to announce it would accept bitcoin as payment for tuition, but cumbria believes it is the first publicly-funded institution to do so.

Bitcoin for tuition payments

Two private preschools in new york city now accept bitcoin and two other cryptocurrencies for tuition payments, according to their co-founder.

New york preschools accept bitcoin and ether for tuition.

New student from south africa uses bitcoin to pay tuition toward online mba degree.

Bitcoin for tuition payments

Bitcoins adoption keeps breaking boundaries as houses, expensive art, and now university tuition can be paid with the digital currency.

Bitcoins interchangeable nature as well as the lack of special fees for international transfers makes it an alternative payment method that could be especially appealing to international university students.

Berlins esmt becomes latest university to accept bitcoins.

Nicosia, cyprus (december 5, 2013) a few days after the university of nicosia (unic) announced that it is the first accredited university in the world to accept bitcoin for payment of tuition and fees, a recently enrolled international student has made.

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If you live in new york and want to send your preschoolers to one of the citys two montessori luxury preschools, dont expect to put those tuition costs on your credit card.